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The following family of Aufrichtigs are descended from Jakob Aufrichtig who was born in Lovosice [Lobositz] and later moved to Teplice, from which northern Bohemian town this group of Aufrichtigs takes its name.
While knowledge of some sections of this family is limited, it is confirmed that several of its members were murdered in the Holocaust, severely reducing lines of continuation for this group. However, thanks to a variety of documents on the Internet, it has been possible to gather together several smaller Aufrichtig units that at one time had been thought to be separate families. Although there is no confirmatory documentation, it appears likely that Jakob Aufrichtig may have been married twice. This theory is supported by other files that indisputably link members together - despite the presence of different mothers. 

According to one set of documents, the first recorded son of Jakob Aufrichtig and Theresia Braslaw, about whom there is no additional information, was named Victor Aufrichtig, who, cir 1870, had also been born in Lovosice. Viktor married Else [Eliska] Ernestine Löwy, with whom he had three children - Stefanie Aufrichtig (1899) and twins Margarethe and Hans Aufrichtig in 1901, all of whom were born in Teplice. Viktor's date and place of death have not been established, but it is known that Else was deported from Berlin to Theresienstadt in August 1942, and died there in July 1943. Eldest daughter Stefanie was deported from Berlin in October 1942 and murdered at Stutthof in 1944. Margarethe is known to have been deported from Berlin to Auschwitz in January 1943. There is  no record of her survival. Her twin brother Hans Aufrichtig had become a successful journalist in Berlin, and, with his wife Käthe Schröder, fled Germany in 1938 to make their way to Italy. They were deported in 1943 and spent the remainder of the war in separate Italian concentration camps. After the war the couple settled in Rome where Hans died in August 1969, and Käthe in October 1980.


During their period in concentration camps, Hans and Kathe exchanged a series of letters. These were fashioned into a bittersweet love story, Ohne Dich Ist Alles Nur Ein Schatten, and the correspondence interpreted by Swiss actress Carole Schmitt and German actor Ulrich Schmissat in January 2005. is grateful to Carole Schmitt for sharing her research and knowledge, and for making available all photographic and publicity material on Hans and Käthe Aufrichtig for use on this website. Among the items of correspondence she researched, were letters from Hans to his uncle, Robert Aufrichtig, and references to his aunt, Ida Aufrichtig


From this it may be safely assumed that Ida and Robert were the siblings of Hans's father Viktor. Their dates of birth suggest, too, that Theresia Braslaw may have also been their mother. What is certain, however, is that Teplice was also the birthplace of Ida Aufrichtig, cir 1878, and her brother Robert Aufrichtig in 1880. Confirmation of this occurred in April 1914 when 36 years old housewife Mrs Ida Mendel was on board the SS Pennsylvania sailing from Hamburg to New York. Her manifest entry advised she was born in Teplitz-Schönau (Teplice) and stated that she had been staying with her brother, Robert Aufrichtig, in that same town. A further manifest entry also linked her to another brother, Fritz Aufrichtig, living in New York City. Other than that Mendel was the surname of her husband, no further details have yet been established for Ida.

A greater level of documentation exists for Robert Aufrichtig, who was the co-owner of a successful company supplying specialist products. Based at Schmeykalplatz Nr 8 in Teplitz-Schönau,  the company traded under the name of Steiner & Aufrichtig. As recently as 2007, one of its products came up for sale in a Slovak online auction.

[A copy of an advertisement for one of their products is reproduced to the right. Click on advertisement for larger image.] 


Although confirmed as still residing in Teplice in 1914, Robert is known to have been living with his wife, Alzbeta [Elisabetha] ~~~, in Prague during World War II.  They were deported from Prague to Lodz on 26 October 1941. Alzbeta is recorded as having died in the Lodz Ghetto on 19 June 1942, and Robert in the Lodz Hospital on 22 December 1943. It is not known if the couple had any children. 

The most widely documented member of the Teplice Aufrichtigs is youngest recorded son, Fritz Aufrichtig. He is known to have emigrated to the U.S. on board the SS Amerika which left Hamburg on 22 January 1910 and arrived at Ellis Island on 01 February. The ship's manifest gave his age as 20, and town/country of birth as Teplitz-Schönau, Austria. For details of his parents, Fritz entered Jakob Aufrichtig, father, of Marktplatz, Teplitz-Schönau, and Augusta Erdmann as his mother.

In a set of 1918 documents, Fritz gave as his address 510 West 123rd Street, NY. He advised that this was the home of his sister, Mrs Ida Mendel, with whom he boarded. These details cross-referenced and confirmed entries in the 1914 SS Pennsylvania manifest entered by Ida upon her return from Teplice to New York.

By the time of the 1920 U.S. Census, Fritz had married Charlotte [Lotta/Lotte] Robitschek, with whom he subsequently had two daughters, Marion Anne Aufrichtig (1922) and Doris E Aufrichtig (1925), each born in New York. The Census form confirmed that both his parents had been born in Teplice, and gave his age as 29, and Charlotte's as 26. The 1930 Census form, however, placed Fritz's age at 40 and Charlotte as 35, and advised that Fritz had been 30 at the time of his marriage. Given his age of 20 in January 1910, a birth year of 1919 would tie in with both his 1930 Census age detail and a marriage in 1919. It seems likely that the couple holidayed in Europe either on honeymoon or shortly after their marriage since they appeared on the manifest of the SS Lafayette which left Le Havre on 6 December 1919 and arrived back in New York on 18 December. On this form Fritz gave his age as 30, and Charlotte was entered as being 29!  Many years later, in July 1982, Charlotte's manifest entry was proved to be the most accurate when the death was recorded in Buena Park, California of Lotte Aufrichtig, née Robitschek, who had been born on 31 December 1892. Fritz had pre-deceased her in August 1948 in New York. 


Another likely member of this family is Herschmann Aufrichtig, for whom a Prague police record [Meldezettel] lists 1801 and Lovosice as his date and place of birth.



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