The Husserl [Häusler] Family


The Husserl Family became connected to The Aufrichtig Family following the marriage of Betti Husserl {1844-1923) to Jakob H Aufrichtig (1844-1931). National archive records held in Prague suggest that Betti, like her husband's family, had been born in Boskovice, Moravia. 


Many records of the period were written in German as well as Czech. Names, too, were frequently adapted to German. For this reason, the family name of Husserl has also been recorded as Häusler. Betti Husserl was the youngest of the six children born to her un-named father, ~~~ Husserl and his wife Klara ~~~. She had also been referred to as Blumele Husserl, the same name that had been given to her elder sister born 21 months before (October 1842), but who had died almost immediately.


Little else is known of Betti's family other than that her four other elder siblings were Aron Husserl (June 1836), Moses Husserl (December 1837),. Tusche Toni Husserl (January 1840) and Simon Husserl (April 1840), all of whom had been born in Boskovice.



Betti Husserl and Jakob Aufrichtig had 11 children, all but two of whom survived to adulthood, four of these losing their lives in the Holocaust. They were Salomon Aufrichtig (1868-1936), Moritz Aufrichtig (1869 - died in infancy/childhood), Simon Aufrichtig (1871-1940), Julie Aufrichtig (1872 - died in infancy/childhood), Josef Aufrichtig (1874-1946), Ernestine [Theres] Aufrichtig (1876-1944), Karl Aufrichtig (1878-1939), Alois Aufrichtig (1880-1941), Klara Aufrichtig (1881-date unknown). Leopold Aufrichtig (1883-1942), Franz Aufrichtig (1886-1941).



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Of the next generation, first-born Salomon and his wife Anna Stropnicky were childless. Third, and second surviving son, Simon and Regine Aschenberger had six children. They suffered the most devastating Holocaust losses of the family with the murders of Regine, son Ernst Aufrichtig (1896-1942; son Paul Aufrichtig (1899-1942), his wife Hedwig Löbl (1898-1942) and daughter Lieselotte Aufrichtig (1930-1941); son Fritz Aufrichtig (1901-1942); son Walter Aufrichtig [2] (1906-1942) and his wife Erna Hindler (1919-1942).


Simon died in 1940, else he would almost certainly have perished with his wife. His surviving children were Gerta Aufrichtig (1897-1974), who escaped to England and subsequently changed her name to Gertude Allen, and Rudolf Aufrichtig (1904-1989). Rudolf, like Gerta, fled to England with his wife Gertud Klein (1913-1965), settled in north-west London and changed his name in full, becoming Ralph Norman Allen. He and Gertrud had two sons, Peter Victor Allen (1939) and Michael Walter Allen (1948). before emigrating to Australia.


Fifth child Josef survived the war, as did his wife Juliane Stiedl (1876-1970) and their two children Hedwig Aufrichtig (1907-2000) and Leo Aufrichtig (1911-1998). The couple also had another son, their first born, Walter Aufrichtig [1], born in 1905, who is believed to have died in infancy. Their line continued with Leo and his wife Helga Suchowski (1922-2007) becoming the parents of Beate Juliana Aurich (1952).


Sixth-born Ernestine (1876-1944), who had also been referred to as Theres, was sent to Theresienstadt with her husband, Rudolf Kahn (1867-1942). Rudolf died there in 1942 and Ernestine, who had survived camp conditions for nearly two years, was subsequently sent to Auschwitz in 1944. She and Rudolf had no children.


In marked contrast to the fate of Simon's wife and children, or that of Ernestine and her husband, the family of seventh-born Karl and his wife Irma Wodak (1880-1940) survived in its entirety. Their eldest son Friedrich Aufrichtig (1904-1989) was arrested by the Gestapo 6/38-7/38 Gestapohaft and between 10 November 1938 and January 1939 was a prisoner in Dachau. At the time of his arrest and imprisonment he and his wife Freda Kohn [Kirchner] (1908-2006) were living with his parents at Wien 2, Volkertstrasse 19/8. His younger brother, Robert Aufrichtig (1909-1996), wrote direct to Dachau claiming that he had the requisite permits for Friedrich to go to England, thereby securing his release. As well as securing his elder brother's freedom, Robert was also instrumental in acquiring the necessary visas and documents to bring his family out of Nazi-occupied Austria to England, thereby ensuring the survival of Karl and Irma, his wife Henrietta [Jetti] Edelstein (1907-1995), sister Martha Aufrichtig (1906-1988) and sister-in-law Freda.


Friedrich changed his name to Frederick Austin. Brother Robert retained the name of Aufrichtig until becoming an American citizen, whereupon he too adopted Austin. He and Jetti had two sons, Charles Oscar Aufrichtig (1940-2008) and Ronald Leslie Aufrichtig (b1944). Following the couple's divorce, Jetti changed the family name to Roberts. Robert married a second time, to Lisbet [Lisl] Müller (1916-2005), with whom he had a daughter, Eve Aufrichtig [Austin] (b1953).


Eighth-born Alois was another to lose his life in the Holocaust, and had been deported from Brno to Minsk in 1941. His first wife, Bertha Krakauer, with whom he had four children Walter Aufrichtig (1907-1927), Valerie Aufrichtig (1909-2001), Hermann Aufrichtig (1911-c1942) and Hilda Aufrichtig (b1914), was deported to Piaski in 1942 on the same transport as her nephew Ernst Aufrichtig. Alois' second wife Theres ~~~ (1885-1941) was sent to Minsk with her husband in November 1941.


Of Alois and Bertha's four children, only Hillda extended the family line by another generation. She and husband Erich Stoehr (1912-1997) had three children - Valerie Sylvia Stoehr (1940), Eric Stoehr (1942) and Herman Bernie Stoehr (1948-1988). Her eldest brother Walter died before his 20th birthday and elder sister Valerie, married to Josef Scheiterer (1906-1993), remained childless. Her second brother, Hermann, disappeared during the Holocaust.


Also missing without trace was the ninth of Jakob and Betti's children, Klara. She married Heinrich Szamek (date unknown-1934) with whom she had three children, Yolande Szamek (1911-1996), Yanku Szamek (1913-date unknown) and Frieda [Fridka] Szamek (1911-1960). Yolande married Emil Löwinger (1909-1975), but had no children. There was also no extension of the family line from either Yanku, whose Holocaust fate remains unknown, or Frieda.


Tenth-born Leopold, his wife Frida Hollander (1890-1942) and their son, Egon Aufrichtig (1922-1941) were all murdered in the Holocaust. Leopold and Frida had been deported to Maly Trostinec and 19 years old Egon, one of the unlucky would-be escapees caught up in the Kladovo-Sabac Affair, was shot at Zasavica, Yugoslavia.


Equally tragic were the fates of the eleventh-born Franz, his wife Bertha Gerstl (1891-1941) and their son, Kurt Aufrichtig (1923-1941). All three were deported to Lodz in 1941 and not heard of again.

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