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This section of the Husserl website is a collaborative exercise, for which I am indebted (alphabetically) to Barbara Shaw, her cousin Joyaa Antares and Maud Beer, each of whom have Husserl family connections. The remarkable Maud Beer (née Stecklmacher) who, at the time of creating this web section, is approaching her 80th birthday, is a Theresienstadt survivor who has tirelessly endeavoured to ensure that her beloved Kehilah Prostejov (German, Prossnitz) is not forgotten. To that end, she has submitted several hundred Testimonies to Yad Vashem and written a book that has been published in Czech and Hebrew..

Maud, like most of her early family, was born in Prostejov. During the Holocaust she, her parents Fritz Stecklmacher and Käthe Steiner, and sister Karmela Stecklmacher were deported to Theresienstadt. Her father and maternal grandparents, Max and Stephanie [Steffi] Steiner perished, but she, her mother and sister survived.

Full details of Maud's Husserl connections and family tree history are on view at the following links:

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Maud Stecklmacher Beer's Family Tree (HTML version)

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Maud Stecklmacher Beer's Photo Album


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