Welcome to the home page of the Rein-Edelstein Family. Our choice of background picture is that of Mendel Rein (1849-1924), our as-yet earliest recorded ancestor. Mendel married twice, his first wife (name not known) producing three daughters and his second, Anna [Chane] Gitel Wallik,  five more, before sons Samuel and Alfred helped ensure survival of the Rein line. In 2001, however, the continuation of the Rein family name rests exclusively with Alfred's grandson, Steven Emanuel Rein.

Mendel was born in Kolomyja (aka Kolomyya, Kolomea), Galicia (now Ukraine), as was his first child, Rosa Rein and grand-daughter Anna [Chane] Edelstein. My brother Charlie Roberts and I are the sons of Rosa's third child, Henrietta [Jetti] Edelstein. Statistically, following after Rein as longest surviving name is that of Kowler, brought into the family by the marriage of Heinrich [Henry] Kowler to Lea Rein, Mendel's first child with Anna Wallik. Other family statistics are the 35 years span covered by Mendel's 10 children, four of whom were born after his first grandchild, and the odd fact that descendants from his first marriage remained in Europe, while those from his second all now reside in the U.S.

Despite all being descended from Mendel Rein, this site has been deliberately named Rein-Edelstein, and its pages titled Rein-Edelstein Family, as a memorial to bearers of those names who perished in the Holocaust. [Tribute will be paid to them in a special site section currently under construction.] 


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