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Bunter Abend 2
(Colorful Evening 2)
March 1944



In mid November 1943, the protection against deportation, previously afforded to members of the Theater Group, comes to an abrupt end. Henceforth, troupe members - except for the stars - are eligible "for transport" to the East.

In February 1944, 811 persons are sent to Theresienstadt, including the film actor and director Kurt Geron.
Josef Baar, Hermann Feiner, Heinz Rosenfeld, Gunter Witepski and Arthur Durlacher are also gone by the time the present revue is staged, as is the chorus line.

This time the program includes 16 scenes particularly aimed at the younger camp inmates who, because they constitute a necessary labor force in Westerbork, still remain more-or-less unthreatened by deportation.

Tickets for this production are greatly sought after by the camp inmates. They aren't expensive, only 10 cents, but they are difficult to come by.



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The program lists 16 scenes:

The performers named in the program are:


 1. Parkett Reihe 1 
     (Esther Philipse, Mara Rosen, Otto Aurich, Liesl Frank, Franz Engel, Max Ehrlich)


Jetty Cantor
Liesl Frank

  2. Jetty Cantor [Ich hab' es heut' nacht den Sternen erzählt...] [I Told it to the Stars Tonight...]

Esther Philipse

  3. Max Ehrlich - Franz Engel [Fröhlich und Schön] [Happy and Nice]

Mara Rosen

  4. Esther Philipse [So ein Mädel vom Chor...] [Such a Girl from the Chorus Line...]

Otto Aurich

  5 Franz Engel [in seimnem Repertoir] [In his Repertoire]

Franz Engel

  6. Liesl Frank - Otto Aurich [Warum so allein, Fräulein?] [Why so Lonely, Miss?]

Max Ehrlich

  7. Max Ehrlich - Franz Engel [1000 Worte Unsinn] [1000 Words of Nonsense]

Max Kannewasser (Jones)

  8. Liesl Frank [Die kleine Schneiderin] [The Little Seamstress]

Willy Rosen

  9. Johnny and Jones [Westerbork Serenade]

Nol van Wesel (Johnny)

10. That's the Way its Got to be Done [Musical Comedy]
      So muss man's machen [Musikalischer Schwank] 
      (Franz Engel, Max Ehrlich, Jetty Cantor, Esther Philipse, Otto Aurich, Mara Rosen)

Erich Ziegler




11. Jetty Cantor - Esther Philipse///
      [Hawaii - Guitarre, sing ein kleines Liebeslied...] [Hawaii - Guitar, Sing a Little Love Song...]

12. Max Ehrlich [Der spielwütige Bühenarbeiter] [The Star Struck Stagehand]

13. Liesl Frank - Otto Aurich [Sag' es ihr beim Tanzen.] [Tell her while you're Dancing]

14. Gespielte Witze, Jokes Played

15. Willy Rosen - Erich Ziegler [an zwei Flügeln.] [On Two Grand Pianos]

16. Gezähmte Bestien [Schwank] , Tamed Beasts [Comedy]
      (Max Ehrlich, Liesl Frank, Franz Engel, Esther Philipse, Mara Rosen, Otto Aurich)


Max Ehrlich Otto Aurich Lisl Frank Jetty Cantor Willy Rosen Max Kannewasser/Nol van Wesel

(Jones & Johnny)

Erich Ziegler


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