Simon Leib Kurzer [Leo Kurzer]




b  18 May 1911

    Przemyslany, Galicia

d  25 October 1973

    Buenos Aires, Argentina



married Edith Drahos-Fleissig

NB: Simon Leib Kurzer was the first husband of Edith Drahos-Fleissig. They had no children.

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NOTE: The following information was provided by Leo's grand-daughter Gisela Kozak. Although Leo's connection to the Aufrichtig family ended when he and Edith Drahos-Fleissig divorced, we are pleased to include these details in the hope that they may attract additional information of interest to both family groups.


According to Gisela, her grandfather, like Edith, was married three times. His second marriage was to Gisela Lerner, with whom he had two daughters, Ana Kurzer - Gisela Kozak's mother - and Susana Lidia Kurzer. He and Gisela Lerner arrived by boat in Argentina in 1938, where Ana was born shortly after. Ana has many of her father's documents, including a picture of a linoleum selling shop with a sign saying "Kurzer". The shop was based at either 33 or 35 Favoritenstrasse, but she is unable to confirm whether it belonged to Leo or a member of his family. He is also believed to have been studying medicine.